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Diamond Partner

OracleOracle | Integrated Cloud Applications and Platform Services

Oracle is shifting the complexity from IT, moving it out of the enterprise by engineering hardware and software to work together – in the cloud and in the data center. In India, Oracle works with more than 7,000 customers and over 600 partners, across the private, public and government sectors. It employs over 41,000 professionals operating in various businesses namely Sales & Marketing, Oracle India Development Center (R&D), Oracle Consulting, Oracle Direct Sales, Global Support Center, Global Financial Information Center (GFIC streamlines Oracle’s worldwide financial and accounting operations) and Oracle Financial Services Software Limited. Oracle has been in India for over 25 years. It has 9 offices across the country, 11 R&D centers and 1 Partner Solution Center. About 3,15,000 students and more than 1,100 learning institutions benefit from the Oracle Academy program annually in India.

Please visit www.oracle.com for more information.

Visitor Bag Partner

Taiwan ExcellenceTaiwan Excellence

Please visit www.taiwanexcellence.org for more information.

Lanyard Partner

Vikram SolarVikram Solar

Please visit www.vikramsolar.com for more information.

Workshop Partner

Embassy of SwitzerlandEmbassy of Switzerland

Please visit www.s-ge.com for more information.


Associate Partner


Please visit www.bosch.com for more information.

Please visit www.ericsson.com/in for more information.

Please visit www.hitachi.com for more information.

Government Support

Make in India Make in India
A major national initiative designed to facilitate investment; foster innovation; enhance skill development; protect intellectual property, and build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure. There's never been a better time to Make in India.

Please visit www.makeinindia.com for more information.
Digital India Digital India

The Digital India programme is a flagship programme of the Government of India with a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

Please visit www.digitalindia.gov.in for more information.
Skill India Skill India

Skill India is a campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 15 July 2015 with an aim to train over 40 crore (400 million) people in India in different skills by 2022. It includes various initiatives of the government like "National Skill Development Mission", "National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, 2015", "Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY)" and the "Skill Loan scheme".

Please visit www.skillindia.gov.in for more information.
Ministry of Commerce & IndustryDepartment of Industrial Policy & Promotion
Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Government of India

Please visit www.dipp.nic.in for more information.
Ministry of Electronics and Information TechnologyMinistry of Electronics and Information Technology
Government of India

Please visit www.digitalindia.gov.in for more information.

Ministry of New and Renewable EnergyMinistry of New and Renewable Energy
Government of India

Please visit www.mnre.gov.in for more information.

Ministry of Panchayati RajMinistry of Panchayati Raj
Government of India

Please visit www.panchayat.gov.in for more information.
Ministry of PowerMinistry of Power
Government of India

Please visit www.powermin.nic.in/en for more information.
Ministry of Road Transport and HighwaysMinistry of Road Transport and Highways
Government of India

Please visit www.morth.nic.in for more information.
Ministry of Rural DevelopmentMinistry of Rural Development
Government of India

Please visit www.rural.nic.in for more information.
Ministry of Skill Development & EntrepreneurshipMinistry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship
Government of India

Please visit www.skilldevelopment.gov.in for more information.
Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga RejuvenationMinistry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
Government of India

Please visit www.wrmin.nic.in for more information.
Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission, National Rurban MissionShyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission, National Rurban Mission

The National Rurban Mission (NRuM) follows the vision of "Development of a cluster of villages that preserve and nurture the essence of rural community life with focus on equity and inclusiveness without compromising with the facilities perceived to be essentially urban in nature, thus creating a cluster of "Rurban Villages".

Please visit www.rurban.gov.in for more information.

Please visit www.nsic.co.in for more information.

Knowledge Partner


WaterAid India’s vision is to see a world where everyone, everywhere has access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). WaterAid India been working in the country since 1986 and currently our work is spread across 11 states. Our mission is to transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalised people by improving their access to WASH services.

Please visit www.wateraidindia.in for more information.

App Partner

Applop Events Applop Events

Applop Events is a unique organizer centric platform by Applop Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It helps the Organizers to make their event a success, by reaching masses using Organizer's own Mobile Application and Website. In Applop Events an organizer can list their event in few minutes and can take charge over the promotional activities with their own Website and event Mobile app. Applop Events also market the event on all social media platforms. With the unique in-app chat facility the attendees and exhibitors can stay connected even after the event. Applop Events enhance a brand by enabling attendees to share app content on social media. The organizers can drive revenue through the mobile app by selling sponsorship and ad space. So Applop Events is a win-win for the organizers.

Please visit in.applop.com for more information.

Daily Magazine Partner

EQ Int'l MagazineEQ Int'l Magazine

EQ Int'l Magazine is India's Premiere Solar & Renewable Energy Magazine Since 2009 having a print run of 20,000 Copies, Readership of 100,000. EQ's Digital presence is unparalleled with its Magazine read by over 250,000+ professionals in Digital Format (On Browser of PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone etc...). Its unrivalled daily e Newsletter and most visited website www.EQMagPro.com has lakhs of viewers and visitors daily.

Please visit www.eqmagpro.com for more information.
Urbana WorldUrbana World

Urbana World is a bi-monthly technical magazine (print & digital) providing unique insights & transparency in the Smart City Market. Policy & Regulatory regime, Market intelligence, press releases, product reports, technical articles, interviews, Research & Analysis is delivered to an interesting diverse readership base.

Please visit www.urbanaworld.com for more information.

Geospatial Partner

Association of Geospatial IndustriesAssociation of Geospatial Industries

Several stakeholders of the Indian geospatial industry have been making efforts since the late 1980s to come together as a united body. However, it is not until now that leading companies in the country have been able to join hands to set up this association. The major objectives of the association will be to identify and address common concerns and interests of Indian geospatial industry, raise societal awareness about importance and usage of geospatial technologies, ensure conducive policy environment, represent the Indian geospatial industry at international platforms, facilitate interactions and discussions among various stakeholders of the Indian geospatial industry and last but not least, develop and design common minimum standards and ethics to be followed while conducting business.

Through this association, the Indian geospatial industry will get a unique platform to promote the technology to not only the government, but the user segment too. It will organize events and other activities that will aim at encouraging usage of this technology in India. This body will also act as a sounding board that will assimilate feedback from the users in order to develop more user-friendly technology.

Please visit www.agiindia.com for more information.

Mayor’s Conclave Partner

All India Institute of Local Self-Government (AIILSG)All India Institute of Local Self-Government (AIILSG)

Established in 1926, the All India Institute of Local Self-Government (AIILSG), has been the steadfast friend, philosopher and guide to Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) across the Country. For more than eight decades it has contributed to the principles and practice of urban governance, education, research and capacity building. It has designed and developed a vast array of training literature and courses and trained more than 1.5 million stakeholders in diverse areas of urban governance and urban services delivery. These activities of the AIILSG are practiced through 30 regional centres spread across the Country. The Institute anchors the Regional Centre of Urban and Environmental Studies (RCUES) of the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India for Western India region. This Centre is actively involved in building capabilities of municipal officials, staff and elected members from the States of Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and the Union Territories of Diu, Daman, and Dadra & Nagar Haveli by upgrading their knowledge and skills required for effective administration and implementation of various urban development programmes.

With a view to cater to the growing requirement of ULBs in regard to services, the AIILSG runs specialized capacity building institutions such as the National Fire Academy, the Nrupur Institute of Nursing Science and Research and the Centre for Environment & Disaster Management at Vadodara, PRUDA at Ahmedabad, National Resource Centre for Urban Poverty, International Centre of EQUI-T, the Disaster Management Cell and the Centre of GIS at Pune. It runs the Solid Waste Management Cell of the Government of Maharashtra. In recent years, AIILSG has ventured into rural and tribal capacity building and handholding of rural institutions of self-governance. Over the years, AIILSG has organised local, national and international seminars and conferences to foster debate on issues of urban relevance with a view to dissemination of ideas, better understanding and policy advocacy. It has undertaken a wide gamut of projects to assist states and organisations in the delivery of specific outputs that they have sought. In all that AIILSG has done, it has taken care to work with a full range of stakeholders-grassroots organisations, NGOs, ULBs, state and national governments, international organisations, organisations of the UN, research organisations and universities.

The Institute has organised several tailor-made capacity building programmes for various countries in South Asia, viz, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and in other regions, including South Africa, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, etc. The Institute has linkages with renowned international organizations including UNCHS (Habitat), UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, WHO, DFID, CITYNET, CLGF, US-AEP and the Ford Foundation. It is the anchor institution for Urban Management Programme (UMP – UNCHS – Habitat) for South Asia.

Please visit www.aiilsg.org for more information.
United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific (UCLG ASPAC)United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific (UCLG ASPAC)

The history of United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific (UCLG ASPAC) starts with the emergence of the International Union of Local Authorities (IULA) which was established in 1913 in Belgium with its headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands, while IULA ASPAC, headquartered in Jakarta, was set up in September 1989. UCLG ASPAC is one of the Regional Sections of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), an amalgamation of International Union of Local Authorities, United Towns Organization (UTO), and World Association of the Major Metropolises (METROPOLIS). UCLG was established on 1 January 2004 and is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. UCLG is a worldwide association, and the only local government organization recognized by the United Nations.

Please visit www.uclg-aspac.org/en for more information.

Session Partner

BORDA SABremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA)

The Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA) is a German non-profit organisation, which works for poverty alleviation, sustainable protection of natural resources and strengthening of social structures. BORDA operates through its partners in 23 developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Please visit www.borda-sea.org for more information.
International Water AssociationConsortium for DEWATS Dissemination (CDD) Society

The Consortium for DEWATS Dissemination (CDD) Society is focused on implementing robust post-toilet infrastructure through a decentralised approach. CDD Society works with a network of like-minded partners to promote basic sanitation services and sustainable water management practices across the country. We are the primary implementation partner of BORDA-South Asia, in India.

Please visit www.cddindia.org for more information.

Lucideus is an IT Risk Assessment and Digital Security Services provider. It’s a trusted standard for companies that need to protect their brands, businesses and dignity from debilitating cyber attacks. We build and deliver information security platforms and services, both generic and customized to pro actively secure, continuously monitor and reactively respond to cyber threats to your technology stack. Our objective is quantify digital risk to inculcate a knowledge-based culture of safe and secure use of technology, such that risk becomes an informed business decision leading to minimal disruptions to your business and life.

Please visit www.lucideus.comfor more information.
Skill Council for Green Jobs Skill Council for Green Jobs

Skill Council for Green Jobs has been created as part of Skill India Mission to act as an interphase to understand and address skilled manpower requirement of the Green Business Industry.

Skill Council for Green Jobs is promoted by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and Confederation of Indian Industry. It is managed by an industry led Governing Council to meet skill requirements for Green Businesses. It acts as a bridge between the Government, Industry and various key stakeholders for developing strategy & implementing programmes for Skills Development, correlated to Industry needs and also aligned to international best practices.

Please visit www.sscgj.infor more information.

Tech for Good Partner

NASSCOM FoundationNASSCOM Foundation

NASSCOM Foundation is a leading non-profit organization driving technology for good. The Foundation’s work is just as expansive and evolutionary as the potential that technology and corporate India entail. Drawing strength from its parent body NASSCOM, the Foundation works closely with four major stakeholders: NASSCOM member companies, NGOs, emerging social enterprises and Government to foster a strategic relationship between technology and development. NASSCOM Foundation’s core initiatives include working for Persons with Disabilities, fostering innovative solutions for social good, creating unique skilling models for underserved communities, and digital literacy where it is the industry partner to the Govt. of India’s National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM / DiSHA).

Please visit www.nasscomfoundation.org for more information.

Supporting Partners

Aqua Foundation Aqua Foundation

Aqua Foundation- Serving Earth & Humanity by implementing intense philosophy of Love All, Feed All, Serve All. Aqua Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization. It was founded in year 1998. The founding member and existing members of organization are committed to bring positive change in society and are contributing selflessly to various environmental and humanitarian causes.

The activities of Aqua Foundation include knowledge creation, information dissemination, research and education. The organization works through a diverse range of tools and techniques like' conferences, seminars, training programs, on-line learning, capacity building, community projects, school activities etc., with prime focus on Sustainability of Humanity and Environment.

The ever balanced, ever harmonized cycles & arrangements of nature have been greatly challenged and disturbed by humans in last century, which in turn pose a threat to their own survival. The organization has intensified its efforts and actions to reverse these damages and work towards a sustainable living, in oneness with fellow humans, other living beings, plants and nature. The ultimate goal of the organization is to ensure man & nature's long-term future.

Please visit www.aquafoundation.in for more information.
International Water AssociationInternational Water Association

Please visit www.iwahq.org for more information.
3R Waste3R Waste

3R WASTE Foundation is established as a not-for-profit organisation under Section 8 of the Company’s Act 2013 with the purpose of addressing directly local challenges in sanitation and solid waste management with WASTE’s global experience and comprehensive expertise.

Their focus is on building the capacity and provide proper guidance of Urban Local Bodies so as to make them efficient in managing the solid waste generated in their respective cities and towns.

Please visit www.waste.nl/en for more information.

Associations Support


IAPMO is a 90 year old Non Government and Nonprofit organization serving the industry, has its worldwide presence with world HQ at California-USA, known all over the world for its Uniform Codes and Education Programmes in Plumbing and Mechanical.

IAPMO-I is an Indian Corporation established to develop and promote Uniform Plumbing & Mechanical HVAC code for the installation of plumbing, drinking water and sanitation, HVAC Systems, Air Management and Indoor Air Quality management, and is dedicated to advance the latest and most up to date methods of IAQ & sanitation in India. IAPMO have a strong cooperative presence in the nation of India and partnered with the Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) to develop a Uniform Plumbing Code for the nation.

Please visit www.iapmo.org for more information.
Oman Water SocietyOman Water Society

Oman Water Society (OWS) is a non-profitable non-governmental organization (NGO) found by professionals working in both the Government and Private Sectors who are involved in the water management, water supply and water projects in the Sultanate Of Oman.

The aim of this Society is to create a platform for professionals with interest in water to exchanging ideas, researches, discuss challenges, enhancing their knowledge and expose themselves to the latest technology in the field. It is to the interest of the Country as well as the Water Sector to have all (stakeholders) or at least most of the professionals working in the water and waste water field in this Society.

Please visit www.omanws.org.om for more information.
India Water PartnershipIndia Water Partnership

Please visit www.cwp-india.org for more information.

NGWA is a community of groundwater professionals working together to advance groundwater knowledge and the success of our members through education and outreach; advocacy; cooperation and information exchange; and enhancement of professional practices.

Please visit www.ngwa.org for more information.
India Water FoundationIndia Water Foundation

Please visit www.indiawaterfoundation.org for more information.

Media Support

Automation ConnectAutomation Connect

AutomationConnect is India first End to End B2B Portal exclusively for Industrial Automation conceived and headed by an industrial automation veteran and pioneer.The portal is the Automation Exchange Platform for industrial automation ecosystem comprising of Automation end users(manufacturing industries), Automation vendors, OEMs, System Integrators, Consultants, Automation Technology experts, Automation students and many more who are related to automation. AutomationConnect are Online Media partners to leading event organizers and Online Media publishers to PR firms, consultants,Automation association bodies.

Please visit www.automationexcellence.com for more information.
Advance Water Digest Pvt Ltd Advance Water Digest Pvt Ltd

Water Digest, what started as a vision in 2006 has today transformed into full-fledged global platform for all water related issues. We offer both, solutions and exchange of ideas that lead to better understanding of problems being faced in the water sector.

WATER DIGEST - India's premier water magazine that brings the latest in technologies & varied opportunities to cope with escalating water troubles to the Indian market , has evolved from being just 'a need' to becoming a 'crucial platform'. The intent of Water Digest is to unite the entire water Industry. At Water Digest, we promote & build awareness on critical water issues & trigger actions to facilitate the efficient management and use of water in all its dimensions on an environmentally sustainable basis.

From the day one Water digest is known for its strong content and creative. Water Digest is now India's comprehensive magazine that brings in focus infinite aspects of water management and conservation. Together with our associates, we work hand in hand to conserve, manage, develop & protect this finite resource-"Water". Our prime role is to promote the scientific development and interdisciplinary understanding of water management as a science, technology and uphold this advanced knowledge with professionals and individuals all across the globe.
Our strong presence in India with a close working relationship with number of Indian industries, municipal corporations, civic bodies, regulatory agencies, financial institutions and NGO's is a key to the success in the Indian market.

Please visit www.thewaterdigest.com for more information.
Cleaning Industry Update Cleaning Industry Update

Cleaning Industry Update is a Monthly magazine covering Entire Cleaning Industry Focusing on Industrial, Commercial and Municipal Cleaning, Facility Management Services , Waste to Energy ,Laundry Cleaning etc, widely circulated in all Cleaning ,Housekeeping division of corporate, semi-corporate, government and private sectors.

Cleaning Industry Update is India's most comprehensive magazine on Cleaning Industry news, tenders, Product launch, Industry innovation ,Trends and Govt. Announcement on Cleaning etc. This MAGZINE has a dedicated team of senior journalists, marketing professionals and key industry representatives. Publishing team is a group of Young & Experienced Technocrats, who has been tracking the Cleaning industry for more than 10 years , now which is promoted by M/S Techxpo Exhibition and Communication LLP in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Please visit www.cleaningindustrydirectory.com for more information.
Construction ShowsConstruction Shows

Construction Shows is an event and news information platform for the building construction and heavy equipment industry. Any business that has an interest in the construction arena and its trade shows can use the site to stay informed about important events in the construction calendar, such as conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs. With a dedicated team working to keep the event calendar content up-to-date at all times, Construction Shows offers a valuable resource for conference participants, exhibitors, session leaders and providers to trade shows.

Please visit www.constructionshows.com for more information.
Filtration+Separation Filtration+Separation

Published since 1963, Filtration+Separation magazine is circulated to 16,000 individuals who have requested the magazine (in print or digital form) all around the world. This circulation is segmented so we know that Filtration+Separation reaches senior managers, project developers and specifiers and engineers with influence within the industry sectors that you target.

Broadly, Filtration+Separation’s readers are involved in developing filtration systems within a number of end user sectors, including oil, gas and petrochemicals, drinking and process water, water & sewage, power generation, fine and bulk chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, air filtration, HVAC, energy and power generation, and engine filtration.

Our readers are purchasers of filtration equipment, related equipment, parts and materials, and those involved in the design stage of projects, processing plants as well related systems.

Please visit www.filtsep.com for more information.
Global Water Intelligence Global Water Intelligence

Global Water Intelligence publishes newsletters and reports providing analysis and strategic data on the international water market. Its flagship publication, the monthly industry journal Global Water Intelligence (GWI), has established itself as the market-leading publication for developers, suppliers, financiers, governments, utilities and municipalities seeking information and analysis on water projects with an element of private sector participation.

Please visit www.globalwaterintel.com for more information.
India Water ReviewIndia Water Review

Please visit www.indiawaterreview.in for more information.

The publishing house LECTURA is he leading provider of market and price informations for mobile machinery and equipment – the price guide is for over 90.000 machines. With help of LECTURA online system the valuation of the used machines will be more comfortable. In only 5 steps you will get access to the valuation results including all technical details, new prices and an orientation of the used prices for buying and selling.

Please visit www.lectura.de for more information.

India's #1 Tender & Tender Results service Provider over email, Mobile App and Web. Tender247 preferred partner of the Business Houses / SMEs / Manufacturing & Trading companies / Contractors / Bidders / Suppliers, in finding the right tender opportunities. Tender247.com shares 12000+ tender leads to its 6.5 Lakh categorized users Daily.

Please visit www.tender247.com for more information.
Tender TigerTender Tiger

We are World's Largest and #1 Tender Portal having vast 16 years of experience in providing Tenders Information Service and its solutions which includes upcoming Projects from govt & Private sectors, Tender Results, Liaison/JV/Sub Contracting Services. ETL (E-Procurement Technologies Ltd.) is Worlds # 1 & India's only ISO/IEC 27001 ISMS (Information Security Management System), ISO/IEC 9001 QMS (Quality Management System) and CMMi Level-3 company which ensures the Security of Information and Product, with all International Standards and is certified for end-to-end E-Procurement Solution Provider. It owns & manages www.TenderTiger.com. Our 1 Million+ Satisfied Subscribers are getting daily service from www.TenderTiger.com through E-mail Notification, Web access & TenderTiger Mobile App.

Please visit www.tendertiger.com for more information.
The Water NetworkThe Water Network

The Water Network by AquaSPE AG is the largest online knowledge sharing platform and business exchange for global water professionals with members from 195 countries.

Highlights: • Solving the world's water crisis one question and answer at a time • Knowledge exchange for the world's leading water professionals • Online Portal for high impact projects • Business source for water industry suppliers

Please visit www.thewaternetwork.com for more information.
World PumpsWorld Pumps

World Pumps magazine is published 11 times a year. World Pumps was first published back in 1959. World Pumps has an excellent track record of quality and durability. We know that our readers are in the pump business for the long term...and so are we.

All readers of World Pumps have specifically requested the magazine and meet our strict circulation criteria. Industry sectors we target include: oil & gas, water & wastewater, energy efficiency, corrosive handling, power generation, pharmaceuticals, food & drink, HVAC, construction and de-watering.

Our website is constantly updated with news of the industry, applications and features. World Pumps welcomes news and articles from its readers to ensure that it is an accurate reflection of the pump industry today.

Please visit www.worldpumps.com for more information.

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