5th Smart Cities India 2019
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Conference Programme

DAY 1: 22 May 2019
Time Conference Room A
0930-1100 hrs Opening Ceremony
1100-1130 hrs Tea break
Time Conference Room D: Water India
1130-1300 hrs High level panel discussion: Water for a sustainable future:
The session will bring the industry leader together to discuss the robust, inclusive, leading-edge solutions for a sustainable water future. The session focus is as follows:
• Universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all
• Adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all
• Improve water quality
• Increase water-use efficiency across all sectors
• Supply of freshwater to address water scarcity
• Integrated water resources management
• Protection and restoration of water-related ecosystems, including mountains, forests, wetlands, rivers, aquifers and lakes
• Global cooperation for a global issue
• Participation of local communities in improving water and sanitation management
1300-1400 hrs Lunch
1400-1515 hrs Spotlight from Cities to create a sustainable water future:
Session focus:

• Reliable water supply in cities for rapidly increasing number of citizens
• Urban infrastructure to keep up with booming demand and variability of water supply
• Cities to efficiently manage water distribution and consumption
• Technology helping fight off water exhaustion
• Cities planning ahead in uncertain and rapidly changing conditions
• Interaction between the cities and the rest of the world
1515-1530 hrs Tea break
1530-1645 hrs Enabling framework for industrial wastewater management:
Session focus:

• Resource efficiency & pollution reduction in industries
• Performance improvement of ETPs and CETPs
• Planning and retrofitting of industrial areas
• Participatory approaches for environmental improvement in industrial areas

DAY 2: 23 May 2019
Time Conference Room D: Water India
1000-1130 hrs Emerging technologies and innovation in water sector
Session focus:

• Digital transformation
• Policies and regulations to support utilities for deploying advanced technologies
• Long term innovations
• Platform for research and innovation
• Data information and analytics
• Potential of digital to transform the customer experience
• Designing
• Solutions for wastewater, leakage, solar water pump, irrigation, recycle and reuse, groundwater flow, water desalination, etc.
1130-1145 hrs Tea break
1145-1315 hrs Water economics: Valuation, pricing, and market development
Session focus:

• Pay as per the usage
• Valuation of fresh water: Parameters and pricing
• Surging water demands and usage
• Government initiatives, regulatory mechanism and incentives
• Obligations for water trading: needed or desirable
• Role of local communities and citizens for water market
• Global examples
1315-1400 hrs Lunch break
Time Conference Room D: Smart Village Conclave
1400-1515 hrs Smart Village Conclave - 1
1515-1530 hrs Tea break
1530-1645 hrs Smart Village Conclave - 2

DAY 3: 24 May 2019
Time Conference Room D: Startup Conclave
1000-1130 hrs Startup Conclave -1
1130-1145 hrs Tea break
1145-1315 hrs Startup Conclave -2
1315-1400 hrs Lunch break
Time Conference Room A
1400-1600 hrs Smart Cities India Awards
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