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Conference Programme 2017

Day 1: 10 May 2017
Time Room A
1000-1100 hrs Opening Ceremony
1100-1130 hrs Networking break
1130-1300 hrs Inaugural Conference Session: Smarter Solutions for a Better Tomorrow
1300-1400 hrs Lunch
Time Room C: Water India
1400-1530 hrs Session: Water Industry of IndiaPhotogallery
Moderator: Mr. Puneet Srivastava, Manager, WaterAid, India
CEO Speaks: Dr. Mahesh Gupta, Chairman, Kent RO Systems Ltd., India
• Dr. Abdul Matheen, ME, Ph.D., Director Mechanical, IAPMO, India
• Dr. Arvind Kumar, Chairman, India Water Foundation, India
• Mr. Oded Distel, Founder and Director, Israel NewTech, Israel
• Mr. Ravindra Sewak, Country Director, Safewater Network, India
• Mr. Ritesh Arya, Director Water & Geothermal Section, International Sustainable Energy Organisation (Geneva), India
• Dr. Veena Khanduri, Executive Secretary, India Water Partnership, India
Discussion Points:
• Water policies and planning
• Development and realization of national and international policies
• Water economics
• Infrastructure efficiency
• Effective water calculations
• Changing patterns of water consumption and use
• Regulation in Desalination & water re-use
1530-1545 hrs Networking break
1545 -1715 hrs Session: Drinking Water & SanitationPhotogallery
Chair: Mr Raman VR, Head of Policy, WaterAid, India
Keynote Address: Shri Keshav Chandra, IAS, CEO, Delhi Jal Board, India
• Mr. Kanchi Naga Sreenivas , GIZ, India
• Mr. Marten Susebeek, Co-Founder and CEO, Susteq, Netherlands
• Mr. Manish Wasuja, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Specialist UNICEF, India
• Mr Ramesh Kumar Sahijwani, Vice President - Corporate Social Responsibility, IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Co. Ltd., India
• Mr Satyendra Singh, Managing Director, INSEL, GmbH
• Mr. Tamas Bencze, International Business Development Director, Budapest Waterworks, Hungary
• Mr. Xabier Arruza, Economist, Bilbao Urban & Cities Design, Spain
Discussion Points:
• Infrastructure to supply safe drinking water
• Urban and rural water distribution network
• Water sanitation and health
• Controlling water wastage from leakages and misuse
• Water quality assessment

Day 2: 11 May 2017
Time Room C: Water India
1000-1130 hrs Session: Technologies and Practices for Water Rejuvenation and Re-UsePhotogallery
Chair: Mr. Sanjay Sapra, Managing Director, Aquanomics Systems Ltd., India
• Mr. Erez Malchi, Vice President-Strategic Partnerships, Water-Gen, Israel
• Mr. Rudresh K Sugam, Senior Programme Lead, CEEW, India
• Mr. Sanjeev Srivastava, Advisor, Wipro Water, India
• Mr. Santosh Jambagi, Sr. Mechnical Engineer, Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance (CARDNO), Australia
• Dr. T.N.V.V. Rao, Water Management Expert and Consultant, India
• Dr.V.K. Verma, Joint Director (Environment Protection Division), Shriram Institute for Industrial Research & Alternate Team Leader, EU Project, India
Discussion Points:
• Water harvesting structure and technologies
• Water conservation recycle and re-use
• Urban usage of recycled water
• Desalination & water re-use in industry application: agriculture, power, food & beverage, pharma
• Waste water recycle practices
1130 -1145 hrs Networking break
1145 -1315 hrs Session: Reviving Water Resources & Its ManagementPhotogallery
Chair: Mr. Puneet Srivastava, Manager-Policy, Water Aid, India
Keynote Speaker: Dr K B Biswas, Chairman, Central Ground Water Board
• Mr. Manu Bhatnagar, ‎Principle Director, Natural Heritage Division, INTACH, India
• Ms. Henriette Faergemann, Environment, Climate and Energy Counsellor in the European Union Delegation to India
• Mr. Pankaj Kumar, CEO, Technical Polymers Material. India
• Dr. Sanjay Rana, Director, Parsan Overseas (P) Ltd, India
Discussion Points:
• Water resources systems
• Climate change impacts on water resources
• Monitoring, remediation, assessment and protection of water resources
• Planning and management of water resources and water provision
• Aquifer recharge & preservation
• Water and groundwater interactions
1315-1400 hrs Lunch
1400-1530 hrs Session: Preserving and Protecting the Water Resources (River Development)Photogallery
Chair: Mr. Puneet Srivastava, Manager-Policy, Water Aid, India
• Ms. Priyanka Kapoor, Chief Designer, Edifice Consultants Pvt Ltd, India
• Mr Navdeep Singh Mehram, Head Sustainability, United Spirits - A Diageo Group Company, India
Discussion Points:
• Namami Gange project
• International examples of rehabilitating rivers/lakes/restoring natural water bodies
1530-1545 hrs Networking break
1545-1730 hrs Closing the Water Loop -Wastewater management and reuse for Smart Cities: Session by CDDPhotogallery
Moderator: Mr. Ganapathy P.G, Senior Advisor, CDD, India
• Mr. Chitranjan Kaushik, Chief Operating Officer, Ecofirst Services Limited., India
• Ms. Mriganka Saxena, Senior Consultant, Delhi Jal Board, IndiaAs well
• Mr. Shilp Verma, Consulting Researcher, c/o IWMI-Tata Water Policy Program, India
• Mr. Rudresh K Sugam, Senior Programme Lead, CEEW, India
Discussion Points:
• What lessons can we learn from our recent experiences of creating sewerage infrastructure in our cities? We seem to be in a constant catch up mode - our cities are more polluted than ever and access to good sanitation still seems far away?
• From the limited experiences of reuse in our cities, there still seems to be a huge challenge in incentivising wastewater reuse. What are the major reasons for wastewater reuse not taking off as it should have, inspite of it being cheaper than fresh water in many cases.
• What do we need to do to clean up our rivers, streams and water bodies? Do we need new ideas for protecting/rejuvenating our urban water bodies? How do we integrate these into our citywide water management strategies?
• In the context of wastewater management for smart cities, how important is it to visualise the closure of the 'nutrient loop'?What strategies and approaches will be needed?
• What are the 2 or 3 key policy directives that need to be framed for wastewater management and reuse for smart cities?

Day 3: 12 May 2017
Time Room C: Water India
1000-1130 hrs Session: Industry, urban and rural water requirementsPhotogallery
Chair: Mr. Ganesh Pangare, Regional Director-Asia Pacific, IWA, Thailand
Keynote Speaker:
• Mr. Tom Williams, Executive Director, International Water Association, the Netherlands
• Mr. Vinod Singh, Vice President, CH2M HILL, Singapore
• Ms Chandra Ganapathy, Head of Knowledge Management, WaterAid India
Discussion Points:
• Sectorial water use and misuse
• Water quality and quantity
• Economic values of water in different usages
• Strategies for meeting water requirements
1130-1145 hrs Networking break
1145-1315 hrs Europe and India Partnering for a Better Tomorrow: Workshop by EUPhotogallery

11:45-12:00 Opening of the Workshop
Welcome address: Ms. Henriette Faergemann, Counsellor for Environment, Energy, Climate Change and Urbanisation
India's vision for a better tomorrow
12:00-12:25 Partnering for smart and sustainable cities Solutions for green buildings, energy efficiency in buildings, solar roof top, air quality, city to city cooperation, intelligent transport systems and working with local authorities:
• Cecile Leemans, Attaché, Project manager
• Shouvik Datta, Project manager
12:25-12:40 The EU - India collaboration to address water challenges
• Ms. Henriette Faergemann, Counsellor for Environment, Energy, Climate Change and Urbanisation
12:40-13:00 EU financing of smart and sustainable projects
• Dr Johann Hesse, Head of Cooperation, Delegation of the European Union to India
13:00-13:15 Q&A and closing remarks: The way forward for EU-India cooperation
1315-1400 hrs Lunch
1400-1530 hrs As per digital india, India is transforming into smart cities, The biggest concern for us is the security of smart devices which are going to play a very important part in smart cities , so this talk will highlight the cyber security challenges and critical attacks which we have to tackle to build not just smart cities but secure smart cities.

Cyber Security for Smart Cities: Workshop by Mr. Rahul Tyagi, Vice President, Trainings, Lucideus, IndiaPhotogallery
Demonstration of Live Smartphone Hacking
1530-1545 hrs Networking break
1545-1730 hrs
Smart Citie India Awards 2017  
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